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We’re excited to announce that we’re officially moved in to our new location at 405 N. Lake Street, Ironwood MI. 

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Why Choose Cherry Ridge Custom Picture Framing?

At Cherry Ridge, we use high-quality products that look great and also protect your photos, documents, and keepsakes for years to come.

Conservation Glass

Slow the fading process and help protect your framed piece with our Tru-Vue glass options. Conservation glass offers 99% protection from harmful UV rays and helps slow the fading process. 

Conservation Matboard

We use conservation mat board to help protect and preserve your framed piece.   

Unlimited Framing Styles

Easily match your decor and find a style you love, with over 1,000 frames to choose from.  



Tru-Vue Glass Options

Generally used for photography and artwork, while offering the 99% uv protection which helps slow the fading process. (Even photos in dimly-lit room, are subject to the fading process.) 

A Conservation non-glare glass, for people who have a personal preference the matte-finish look.


Reflection Control Conservation glass with 100% clarity.  (It looks like there’s no glass in your frame from most angles.) Generally used in settings where there’s a lot of light and reflection, i.e. well-lit rooms.

Get the full specs here.


Matboard Selections

Acid-free matboard that protects the artwork from acid burn — the browning or yellowing sometimes seen on the edges of framed artwork.

Intended for:

  • Fine art prints
  • Limited editions
  • Valuable documents
  • Photography

View more matboard info here.

Museaum-grade matboard. ” Today, virtually all museums and libraries rely on cotton rag matboard, often referred to as museum board.

Intended for:

  • Valuable works of original art
  • Items of historical importance
  • Fine art prints, limited editions
  • Valuable documents and photographs
  • Heirloom needle art

View more matboard info here.


Timeless Quality Care

Free anti-aging inspection and cleaning

We consider it a privilege to serve you and we are passionate to preserve your memories that make up the fabric of your life.

Your life tells a story through everyday experiences and milestones with your family and friends, your travels, your new adventures, your old adventures, your child’s artwork, your family pet, or your relics of the past.

At Cherry Ridge Custom Framing, our mission is to keep your memories alive by telling your story through custom picture framing. We work closely with you in a warm, friendly environment to create a style and design that is unique to your taste. Our goal is to have your completed project touch you on a personal level; we want your piece to be meaningful whether it’s for you or a gift for someone you love.Our staff is committed to providing you with quality work.

— Sue
Owner, Cherry Ridge Custom Framing
“Frame the Stories of Your Life”

What are the memories that make up the fabric of your life?

Share your photos with us:


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Antsy to see our framing collection? If you can’t make it in to the shop, here’s the next best option: the Online Framing Tool. Upload your pic, choose your frame, and email your choice to Cherry Ridge!  We’ll take care of the rest and have your project ready in 1 to 2 weeks*

*Contact us for your specific turn-around time.

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Meet the Owner


Sue, owner of Cherry Ridge
Picture Framing

Sue Flynn, Owner & Framing Specialist of Cherry Ridge Picture Framing

After 25+ years in the general business world, Sue decided it was time for a change. An entrepreneur at heart, she didn’t know what that change would encompass but one thing was for sure: she didn’t want a “desk job” and longed for something different.  When the opportunity of custom framing came about it was a perfect fit for her and her family. After she and her husband, Jay, attended a custom framing training they were both hooked.

While Sue takes care of the day-to-day operations of the frame shop, her husband and son both have a hand in helping out when needed.

It’s been a great experience for our whole family.  I genuinely love my customers and love what I do.  

Sue says:

“It’s been a great experience for our whole family.  I genuinely love my customers and love what I do.  Jay had a desire to own a family business; in fact, it was he that came up with he name Cherry Ridge. (We own a parcel of land that has cherry trees on it, and thus it has become known as the ‘Cherry Ridge Ranch’.)

While Jay is a forester by trade, he has a lot of carpentry experience.  He is always there should I need help with a project and in addition he builds our shadow (memory) box frames.  We also wanted our son, Sean, to have the exposure of learning a trade, and he helps out around the shop and with small projects from time to time.”

Because of ever-evolving framing practices, all staff attends continuing education to stay up to date on the latest framing methods and trends. Sue is very detail-oriented; she and her staff  take great pride in preserving and enhancing your keepsakes or artwork.

Sue is also a native of the U.P. and has lived in Ironwood for 30 years.

Professional Custom Framing from Beautiful Upper Michigan

Big or small, let's take a look at your framing project! Turn-around time is typically around 1 to 2 weeks. (When you contact us, we'll give you an ETA on your specific project.)
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